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Small Wealth (Petite Prospérité) is a photographic trip in an Africa that you don’t know, the one of its middle classes. Because, yes, they also exist there.

They are today over 200 millions africans who walk out of precarity, able to consider their future with more confidence.

Graduated, urban, connected, with few children, but also still living in instability, at midway between modernity and tradition. They try to find their place in continent in full change. An amusement parc, a school trip, some executive during a training, a gym class outdoor… Through their banality, this images are striking in this land more used to the extraordinary, shown through the lens of its plague.

Using an approach mixing author photography and sociologic research work, I propose with “Petite Prosperité” a new glance to an unknown african population, so crucial for its future.

Published by Images en Manoeuvre Editions in 2011 at 1.500 copies; 128 pages; 75 images; 35€