Small is Powerful

The project “SME Africa” (Small & Medium Entreprises in Africa) aim at giving a new vision of the continent through some companies, created and/or run by africans.. above all present a visual overview of the impacts this entreprises have on life around them ( infrastructure, job creation, change in living conditions, cultural shift, …). It mix the production of photography series, video content, sound capture, and analytical contents produced by specialists of Africa and Impact analysis. It should last 18 months, cover 6 companies in different countries and business sector. First step, in Mauritania, CDS a company specialized in construction and renewable energy

African Middle Classes

This project deal with a 200 million people population yet unknown : the african middle classes. It mix a large photo essay with some sociological contents produced by researchers I teamed with. Unique in its kind, it covered 5 countries (Morocco, Ivory Coast, Cameroun, Kenya, Mozambic) and lasted 3 years (2008-2011) This project was awarded a World Press Photo in 2010, was published in portfolio in over 20 countries worldwide, and lead to the creation of specific Middle Classse research team in IEP Bordeaux university and the edition of a book

QDC / Quotidien des Capitales (African Capitals daily)

"QDC/Quotidien des capitales" (which means African Capitals daily) is a group of 4 French photograhers who take turns in immersing themselves within African newspapers in various capitals of the continent. Every day they work with the editorial team and journalists, from the morning editorial meeting to the evening printing, and follow life in these capital cities, producing news images but also behind the scenes shots in keeping with their respective artistic approaches.