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After the iranian revolution in 1979, about 1 million iranian people emigrated to the United States. About 350 000 settled in Los Angeles
Today, about 800 000 people of iranian origin are based in Los Angeles (on the 3 millions leaving in the USA): TeherAngeles is the second most important iranian city after Teheran.
About 25% of the citizen of the wealthy Beverly Hills are of iranian origin. Close from LA, in the valley of San Fernando, from Tarzana to Sherman Oaks, 200 000 members of the middle class are of iranian origin

Teherangeles has a rising influence on young connected population of Teheran thanks to Internet, Cable TV broadcasted contents. For example, the album “City of Angels” of the pop rock star Andranik Madadian

Teherangeles is a community with very strong influence in the US; here are some of its members:  Jamshid Delshad which was the Mayor of Los Angeles from 2007 until 2010; the founder of Ebay and the CEO of Youtube;  the director of CNN & and its most well known journalist Christianne Amampour, ….
Sportmen, teachers, plastic surgeons, … they are of the first or second iranian generation in the USA, as well as many UCLA students members of the student union  l’Uclan Iranian Student Group (ISG).
Most children of Teherangeles were brought up at the sound of “DEL” (Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer), obligation to become successful for their parents and relative

Many people of Los Angeles, now take Farsi (iranian language) courses in order to increase their chances to be hired by powerful iranian businessmen in Teherangeles. 6 newspapers, 12 TV channels, and 2 radios are done by and for the iranian community in LA, as well as hundreds of dedicated blog and websites followed all the way from Iran.

Reality TV also got involved in Teherangeles, with the transmission “Shahs of Sunset” which follows the everyday life of a group of wealthy young iranians.

Done with Louise Couvelaire on assignment for M, le magazine du Monde


M, le magazine du Monde

Juin 2013 France