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They are 8 women, Christian and Muslim, aged 18 to 39, who defy at wheel the usual rules of Mediterranean male chauvinism. They created in 2010 the Speed Sisters, a women car racing team, in the occupied territories supported by the British Consul. Mona, 1m68 and finalist at the election of Miss Palestine 2009, dream about a Golf GTI but for now go fast with her Opel car. Every evening, when coming back from the car dealership she works in, she spends hours taking care of her racing car.

At each race, the male crowd is cheering. For Aweidah, the team captain, the success of the Speed Sisters is a good indicator of the evolution of minds in the Palestinian society. For now, though, she is focusing on next friday: “ We are on the first step still, but, Inshallah, we will reach the stars”. I followed them training and during a Speed Contest in Jenine

Done on assignment for Marie Claire Italy and l’Equipe Magazine France