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Fragile Wealth, African Middle Classes is an original long-term project that mixes auteur photography and sociological research to take a fresh look at a little-known population in  Africa, but one that is  crucial for its future.

In 20 years’ time, 1 billion people in developing countries will belong to the world’s middle classes, ie one in six inhabitants on the planet. This population will mainly be concentrated in so-called « poor » countries, whereas at the moment it is still the symbol of western life style.

In Africa, these middle classes have graduated, are urban dwellers, connected to the net, have few children, but often live in semi-poverty, half-way between modernity and tradition and are trying hard to find their place in a continent in the midst of great upheaval. A theme park, a school trip, company executives, gym lessons, … by their everyday nature these images are surprising in this extraordinary land which is often seen through the prism of its problems.

The project was produced over a 3-year period (2008-2011) and in 5 countries (Côte d’Ivoire, Mozambique, Kenya, Cameroon and Morocco). It led to a department within the IEP in Bordeaux being set up devoted to studying the African middle classes, as well as numerous research papers, more than 20 portfolio publications of the work worldwide and won a World Press Photo award in 2010.

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Marie Claire Italie

Mars 2012 Italie

Les Speed Sisters en Palestine

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L'Équipe magazine

Juin 2011 France

Les Speed Sisters en Palestine