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Last year, about one hundred african migrants having shored in Lampedusa island coming from Libya at war were transferred in Montecampione, a ski resort at 1 800 meters high in the italian alps. It was part of the global plan of the Italian government to empty the migration camp in Lampedusa to spread refugees on the whole country.

This african refugees, for most of them never having seen snow or even mountains, stayed stuck for 4 months in this isolated ski resort 20 km far from the first village down the valley, waiting for their situation to be clarified by the authorities, with just football to play and a 1 minute phone call per person and per week. Italian state paid a hotel for their food and accommodation.

In October 2011, cold coming, they organized a march down the valley to be recorded. An association, K-pax, in collaboration with local authorities decided to experiment with them a new micro integration process: by group of 5 or 6, no more, they live now in apartments in a dozen of small villages of the Camonica valley down from Montecampione, follow italian courses in the morning and do work, cultural, religious or sport activities in the afternoon. The aim is to ease their understanding of the italian culture and their integration in the local society where racist party Lega Nord is very strong.
In January 2012, I followed them during a week and shared with them a pilgrimage trip back to Montecampione.

To tell this story, I wanted to abandon the classical photojournalistic approach, asking the migrants to wear life jackets. This striking objects record that the everyday life photographed here is for them a complex integration process. They are also a visual memory in this alpine environment of the path taken which was primarily maritime and of the traumas they went through which will be long to leave aside.



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Black Snow

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