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When a young african nation his helping its ex colonizer, a european country, to avoid him bankrupt. When this african country is an eldorado for the graduated european youth which fly there massively to avoid economic crisis tapping it future.
We are talking of Portugal and Angola, which became independent in 1975.
The two countries have switched role over the years : Portugal is still deep into crisi, population survives thanks to family solidarity and a young engineer barely makes 1.000 euros a month.
Even tough wealth is not what it was when oil prices where over $100 per baril, Angola has had a 14% growth for over 10 years. Everything has to be rebuilt; they engineers, telecomunication experts, finanace consultants… all of them speaking portugese.
Luanda, the capital was the most exepensive city worldwide in 2013 and Angolan middle classes had the habit to go shopping in Portugal to sell in their home country.
In 2013 there were over 100.000 portuges in Angola and only 25.000 angolan in Portugal. That year only 30.000 portugese emigrated in Angola, against only 156 in 2006.
But Angola is also a country of incredible opportunities attracting the entire world, in particular the new comers as Brazil, China or South Africa.
It paused because of the oil crack, but for sur will not stop.
Africa today, and even more tommorow, is receiving emigration.
Produced on assignment for Geo France

Geo France

Septembre 2012 France

Angola, l'eldorado de l'Afrique latine

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