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in Benin, Agrisatch is a company based in Benin that locally produces large quantities of good-quality eggs. Agrisatch has become the leading poultry producer of the country, and plays, thanks to its competitive prices, an important role in improving access to protein.

The settlement of a production site in a rural area enabled the electrification of surrounding villages and the construction of numerous wells. When the access road is damaged by heavy rains, the company finances the repairing material. Besides, the pollution rate is close to zero thanks to the application of European environmental standards

The staff of Agrisatch is composed of 120 permanent employees, benefitting from stable incomes. Wages are 50% higher that the minimal wage in Benin. A staff representative was elected a year ago and the company offers 2 training sessions per semester to its employees.

Most of the eggs consumed in Benin used to be imported. By producing locally, Agrisatch was able to lower its prices by 20%. Broken eggs are sold half-price to bakers. The company buys the food for the laying hens from local corn producers. Moreover, the use of their guano has enabled surrounding agricultural productivity to be raised.

The company initiated the creation of the Organization of Beninese poultry farmers (UNAP), gathering 550 members to this day. This is particularly useful to raise awareness among professionals about disease transmission (such as avian influenza) and to facilitate credit access for smaller businesses.

Via a specific profram, Agrisatch sells at cost one-year hens to small poultry farms so that farmers do not have to worry about the high mortality of young chickens and the associated financial risk. They benefit from healthy hens, well-fed and vaccinated, hence able to produce more eggs.

Through its foundation Satch, Agrisatch financed the construction of 3 primary schools in rural areas, ensuring basic education for about 500 children. Children used to walk about 10kms to reach the closest school. But the needs are immense: there are still 70 students per class.


The project : SMALL IS POWERFUL / How small African companies are fostering the Development of the continent

Through a visual and analytical investigation, « Small is Powerful » provides an unusual vision of the African continent by exploring it through its Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Above all, the project is attached to a human vision of these companies by looking at their stakeholders (clients, employees, local population, political and community figures) and by positively highlighting the impact of these SMEs on their respective ecosystems.  By producing five reportages on SMEs operating in different countries and sectors, the project aims to show how African SMEs are a catalyst for growth on the continent.

The project intends to : Fight against stereotypes on how African economy and society are currently perceived / Support and promote the reality of African entrepreneurship which is rich and dynamic, carrying prospects for the future / Produce visual and analytical content allowing an efficient case to be made for these entrepreneurs committed to this dynamic, and who are vital contributors supporting African growth.