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Drones are attacking the Loire Castles!

19 December 2013 Début d'une serie d'images aériennes sur les chateaux de la Loire

in collaboration with StudioFly, I produced aerial Drone images of the Loire Castles on assignment for the press. We had the chance to be granted for a full access in all castles. A unique opportunity.

This prestigious monuments as you’ve never seen it!

First phase was produced end of November in the cold and the fog. Meeting the women of the “Garde Republicaine” riding horses and dedicated to Chambord Castle; sneacking into the castle with the cleaning ladys at 5 am; exploring the 8 meters high summit of the structure of the Blois Castle; good gloves and plenty of hot chcoloate for Philippe Gourdain, the drone pilot, and myslef; a whole bench of batteries for our hard working drone!

Next phase of production in Spring  for a dedicated publication in Summer 2014…. photo