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I am a founding and associate member of STUDIOFLY, a company specialising in high-quality aerial photographs using a drone. Studiofly was created in 2012 and its Director, Philippe Gourdain is based in Lyon, France. He  shoots both in France and abroad.

We produce institutional films and images as well as highly technical photo and film shoots : thermography, building surveys, CD modelling, orthophotography.

Our service provides a very real added value to the images thanks to :

  • our equipment, in particular an octocopter drone, a high end drone that is ultra stable and powerful, ensuring an optimal quality in the photographs
  • the complementary skills of the founding members, combining their passion for model aircraft, writing and producing films and auteur photography.

Studiofly benefits from an annual permit from the DGAC (the French Civil Aviation authority) to film anywhere outside urban areas. In urban areas we can work using smaller drones, or specific devices and after an agreement from the autorities.


Studiofly is based in Lyon, France and consists of 3 associates with complementary career paths :

  • Philippe Gourdain – Founder and Director – Aircraft pilot (drones/Zeppelins) and holder of a ULM licence : Philippe has made model aircrafts as a hobby since he was a child, he flies gliders and is a dedicated paraglider. He is passionate about aerial imagery and, always on the lookout for new technology, he saw a definite future in the drone and decided to mix his business skills with his passion for flight and imagery.
  • Julie Gourdain – Associate – Film directing / Framing / Editing : Julie holds a Master’s Degree in Film History and Esthetics. She also obtained a Professional Master’s Degree in Cinema from ECAL/HEAD in Switzerland in June 2012. She worked as an assistant director (shorts and advertisements), as a camerawoman and editor for institutional films (LG, GMF) and promotional trailers (Béjart Ballet, Lausanne).
  • I am an associate in charge of all photography-related questions.

A full range of Equipment

We made the conscious decision to equip ourselves with the best available technology for aerial filming.

An Octocopter drone, propelled by eight 350-watt electrical motors. Its payload capacity is 2 kilos. It has a 90 cm wingspan and stands 35 cms tall. It is equipped with numerous perfected systems : double battery, antiscramble frequency system, auto land failsafe system in case of signal loss, built-in GPS and variometer, telemetry system for live reporting of drone information to the ground station such as speed, height, temperature of each element, battery voltage. Our machine is fully-equipped to respond to our every command. On the ground, we have a portable ground station allowing us to view the drone’s images live.

Two lighter drones, quadri and hexacopter, as well as a helium blimp for indoor shooting, complete the range of equipment to allow us to film and photograph in every context.

Our shooting equipment is extensive : Canon, Nikon, Sony, Go Pro HD, you have a choice of equipment… Most of our videos are filmed with a professional camera : the Sony Nex VG 20 (Full HD 1080 in 50p). The stabilised image with natural colours is remarkably fluid. A gem that has just come off the Sony factory line. For photography we work with the Nikon D800 which has a full-frame sensor, a 36 million pixel sensor and a range of professional lenses.



Film & institutional images

Our scope of intervention is extremely wide.

Here are a few examples :

  • For Leon Grosse, following the building works of the Geoffroy Guichard stadium in Saint Etienne in the Rhône Alpes region of France over a 3-month period. From the design to its construction.
  • For GL Events, aerial photography using a blimp during the indoor Bocuse d’Or award ceremony. Difficulty : filming long sequences in a stable manner and in silence close to the public and ceremony.
  • For Publicis, aerial photos of a 1000m2 canvas spread out in the centres of Paris, Strasbourg, Nancy, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille. Behind the scenes shots from the ground.
  • For Decathlon, filming from the drone in order to advertise hunting equipment.

Fiction and documentary:

Building inspection and construction follow up:

Heritage and architecture :

Tourism and Environment :

Technical services

Above and beyond classic aerial photographs and videos, Studiofly has developed a whole range of technical applications onboard the drone :

  • Aerial thermography : the drone is equipped with a high-resolution thermographic camera which captures radiation from heat. We have dedicated software to treat the images and offer a detailed report. Applications : maintaining solar parks, inspection of energy consumption, electrical systems diagnosis etc.
  • 3D Modelling : in a few minutes, and only through photographs, our textured 3D modelling process of your building using photogrammetry, allows an accurate and realistic modelling of buildings, works of art and more complex structures to be produced. Applications : architecture, archeology, urban modelling etc.
  • Orthophotography : orthophotography allows very high-resolution images to be produced of a given area. The precision of these gigapixel images allows an area to be analysed to a degree of precision as small as one centimetre. The precision of an image taken by our drone is three times higher that that taken from a plane. Applications : land management, topological analysis, archeology, etc.

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Some of our productions

Filming at an altitude of 2,000m on a cliff edge.

Studiofly filmed with Kilian Jornet on the Mer de Glace glacier in Chamonix. The material filmed on this occasion will form part of the film “Summits of my life”.

Kilian Jornet specialises in ski mountaineering, long distance running and mountain running. He is an alien with a lung capacity of 5.3 litres and he trains 35 hours a week. Studiofly followed him with a drone and filming equipment on the Alpine summits. Low temperatures and complex filming conditions did not affect the exceptional quality of the images.

Discover photos of the making of the Kilian Jornet film below!

the trailer :


Creating a fictional film in a hotel

A challenge ? Yes, involving producing an advertising film for the 4-star hotel Mercure Château Perrache in the centre of Lyon, France.

This advertising film is fictional and was written and filmed by Studiofly. Even though the drone is our equipment of choice, the film doesn’t only take place in the air. It is about discovering the hotel from the inside, imagining a path through the hotel from room to room. It is both fluid and dynamic, and respects the hotel’s guidelines.

The drone isn’t only used to present the hotel by showcasing the façade and offering an aerial viewpoint of Lyon. It is also a major tool in the staging : it allows the actors to be followed, to travel through the largest rooms on the hotel in a few seconds, and to take a closer look at the sumptuous frescoes that decorate the ceilings.

This is because the drone can fly both indoors and outdoors and totally lends itself to fiction, the script just has to be agreed on beforehand.