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Collateral Creations is a production agency of documentary and artistic content merging expertise and visual creativity.. Cofonded in 2010 with Alban Biaussat, we are based in Paris and realize projects all around the world

We generate new ideas and promote them: we help create meaning and make sense of complex issues in order to better communicate, internally and externally. For each subject, we orchestrate the dialogue between artists and experts in order to encourage the emergence of a shared and unique vision, to better understand the nuances of a particular issue at stake.

We produce hybrid contents merging visual creations and analyses. To answer our clients’ and partners’ objectives, we recruit the best specialists and visual artists, selected both for their unique skills and open-minded approach. We then manage the creative process by encouraging dialogue and sharing ideas. Together, we produce creative visual works (photo, video, graphism) and studies (analyses, strategies, consulting). We plan and manage their distribution, whether in parallel or in an integrated fashion, and choose the most appropriate channels.

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Competences and network

We work with international organisations, public and governmental institutions, NGOs, private companies, and research centres. We collaborate with media houses, cultural organisations, collectives of artists, and universities.

  • Designing a methodology to deal with dense problematics by proposing a tailor-made and original visual and analytical approach.
  • Managing projects by developing partnerships, raising funds, taking care of art direction and supervising research work.
  • Producing hybrid content to assist in strategic decision-making, and to contribute to communication and awareness raising campaigns.
  • Promoting and distributing our content to targeted or wider audiences with an aim to both defend and inform.

The creative content we produce can help design development strategies, facilitate the decision making process, or serve as training material. It can be used for communication and advocacy purposes about various issues.

Some of our clients and partners:  BEL Group, Pernot-Ricard, the European Union, French Agency for Development, l’Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), l’Institut de Sciences Politique de Bordeaux, IDEA Fondation, ….

We operate as a platform in order to stimulate the collaboration between different professional sectors. We rely upon our networks of contacts that include photographers, film-makers, graphic designers, journalists, academics, experts and decision-makers on a variety of issues.

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“Afro Food… for thoughts” project

« Afro Food ….for thoughts » is an investigation unique in its kind by the issue it adress and the way it was done. During 2 years, in four african countries (Senegal, South Africa, Angola and Nigeria) we have designed and ran an in-depth study to understand and describe urban african food habits.

In each coutry, a team of 2 sociologists realize a 3 months ground investigation and then share their work and conclusion with a photograph and a journalist who use it to imagine and produce during 3 weeks a photo essay and 3 stories.

The content produced during this project lead to

  • the edition of case holding 3 books presenting for each country the photo essay and a story.
  • a 2 month exhibit in Paris with photos, written analysis, graphic contents, audio recordings

Done within the assignment of a leading food industry company based in France.

Rayon de l'hypermarche KERO.Quartier de Kilamba, Luanda, Angola30/04/2012 Mouton qui pleure : la Tabaski chez les classes moyennes de Dakar. Mouton qui pleure : la Tabaski chez les classes moyennes de Dakar. afsud03-2 img_1227 Mouton qui pleure : la Tabaski chez les classes moyennes de Dakar. afsud01

International IDEA introduction video

Collateral Creations was selected by the International IDEA (Interntational Institute for Democracy and Electoral Affairs) to produce its new promotional video and present its activities in Stockholm and around the world, focusing on the Institute’s human dimension and by taking a creative, yet fairly neutral and aesthetic approach.

We brought together a team of complementary creative professionals with experience in film making, graphic and motion design, mounting and editing, and in production management, as well as in media development, democratization and electoral affairs. New original footage was produced in Stockholm and in Kenya, notably when interviewing key staff members of International IDEA and their interlocutors